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    When I was younger I heard people say how much they loved their job and I just laughed and said yea sure you do. But as I aged a little I realized that maybe they were not just saying that. Over the years as I grew up I realized that while working with my dad who was a plumbing contractor and a farmer, that this was pretty cool stuff.  Over the last 35 years I began to understand that hey I love what I'm doing to. Their just is no better career on earth than what I'm doing now. The joy and excitement in a home buyers face when you hand them the keys to their home. Then about 10 years ago I started buying, remodeling and selling homes. I do most of the work myself, that comes from the years spent with my dad and so far I haven't had one complaint on one of my flips. That's because I don't half way do them. I make sure they are done right the first time. Over the years I have flipped about 50  homes and I love it.  

  I love the real estate business so much that I taught real estate at a school in Lexington for 3.5 years, and while their I was able to take classes for free, so I took a bunch, but the one that helped me the most was the home inspectors class. I didn't want to be a home inspector, but I wanted to learn more about homes.

  I've also taken classes on Short Sales and have successfully completed over 40 of them. I think it is a way to give back to the families that for reasons out of their control are about to loose their homes. Now I agree short sales aren't perfect and the sellers walk away with nothing, but at least I'm able to relieve the stress of life in this situation and  partially save their credit.


   I take a lot of pride in the sales that I do and I always make sure that I go above and beyond when working with families in the single biggest investment of their lives. I have hand picked the lender that I work with, because he is like me, we are both honest to the point that it cost us business sometimes, bet we have to look at ourselves in the mirror just like you do. I usually know what the home inspector is going to say before I get his inspection. I have also learned the basics of the best loans for my families and this helps out tremendously as I know what the lender is going to use and what the home qualifications are for that particular loan.

  I hope that you will read on and see some of the personal things in my life, so you will know that I'm a down to earth family man just like you and that your family is as important to me as mine is.

Home is where my heart is and mine is on Pooseyridge!   

It's home to me and all ways will be. With my deep love for the Outdoors and the calm of the countryside, my idea of getting away from it all is simple. I go home, where I can sit on the porch and watch the deer and turkey on my family farm across the road. I enjoy sitting on my pond bank on a clear crisp spring morning watching the sun come up and listening to God's music, just hearing the thundering gobble of a wild turkey breaking the morning silence is extremely vigorating. I love to deer and turkey hunt. Lots of times I just sit in my stand and watch the deer and don't even attempt a shot. I also love riding my four wheeler, it takes me places I haven't seen in years and a lot of new places. And just in case you are wondering where Pooseyridge is, its in the farthest northwest corner of Madison Co. as you can go.       



I learned the harsh reality of life in 1988 when my dad Pete passed away, I learned to live life to it's fullest each day as we are not promised tomorrow. I try to spend as much time with my family as possible creating as many memoirs as possible. My mom is pretty awwsome to, after all how many Mom's do you know that rides a Honda Gold Wing. I have two great kids, Stacy and Russ, four grand kids, Miranda, Katelyn, 1 grandson Jaxson and a new granddaughter Destiny Faith.  Family, truly is the heart of  the matter.



The Heart of the Matter

I know that behind each transaction is a family much like my own, with high hopes and expectations for their future and that's just one of the reasons I put's so much effort into each and every sale so that each home seller and buyer gets expert individual service they need and deserve. Family-It's the heart of  what matters to you, as well as business professional Rusty Foley. So for your next move don't trust your future to just anyone. Rusty is poised for the future and able to help you with all your Real Estate needs.


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