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                 2nd. Amendment

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

I just wonder with all the colledge educated men and women that we have in Government right now, cannot or will not abide by the law. Why do they think that they are above the law and think that they can just change the Constitution. The problem isn't the firearm's it's the people, plain and simple. Over the year's they have tried their best to take God out of all public places and have for the most part succeded because they were afaird they were going to offend someone, well what about me and people like me. They offended me when they done it but that didn't matter to them all they wanted to do was please the loud mouth minority. I believe that God should be put back in school and all government building's period. Teach our children about God and his way of life and this country will start to turn around again. It's time the Federal Government plug the loop hole's in the law and actually give the criminal's what they deserve. Do completely away with the Parole Board they are a complete waste of money. Go back to the time when you were given 10 years you served 10 year's. Implyment a program that report's all mentally handicapped people to the federal government and keep it private, but make it available to the FBI for backround check's.The only person that new gun regulation's affect is law abidding people, they are just shooting themselves in the foot trying to take the gun's away from us. Put the blame where it belong's with those responsible for pulling the trigger not on all of us who work hard, pay our tax's to support those who choose not to work but to break the law. Make the law's harder on them and force the judge's to give them all the law allow's and stop plea bargining with them.