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If you are thinking about buying a home in either Richmond, Berea or Madison County, Kentucky then you need to give me a call. I have made it one of my goals in life to put as many first time home buyers in a home as possible. I know all the first time home buyers programs, first time home buyers loans and I know how to assist all first time home buyers. I have all the contact's to assist first time home buyers and much more.
  The interest rates are as low as I have ever seen them in my life. There are still 100% loans available, Down payment assistance up to $6,000 is available and I can build your closing cost into the sale price so that the seller pays it and all you have to come up with is less than $500 out of your pocket. Finish reading this page and then call or email Rusty so I can get you started on the road to owning your own home. Be sure to check out the first time home buyers tips below to get you started.


1. Contact Rusty and set down and talk with him and you will see that Rusty will look out for your best interest, be honest and truthful with you.

2. Go to the lender that he recommends, because he has a track record with that lender and trusts them to look out for your best interest.

3. Once qualified, set down with Rusty and decide on the payment that you are comfortable with. Most times people qualify for more home than they can actually afford.

4. At this point Rusty will find out what you are looking for in a home and the location you would like to be in.

5. He will do a search on the MLS system and set you up in it so that it will automatically e-mail you all listing that match your qualifications.

6. You should take the list and drive by them to see if they look like something you are interested in.

7. Once you find some homes you are interested in Rusty will set them up and show them to you.

8.Once you find a home you want to make an offer on, Rusty will do a CMA to make sure the home is actually worth what they are asking and then advise you as to what to offer. Then he will write the offer and assist you in counter offers until you have an accepted offer, then get your good faith deposit in the bank.

9. Once you have an accepted offer he will get it to the lender.

10. After you have choosen a home and termite inspector he will assist you in getting them done and if any problems arise he will assist you in solving them.

11. You should shop around for home owners insurance. Rusty will be able to point you in the right direction here also.

12. Finally you are ready to go to closing. Rusty will be there also, just to make sure everything is in order. Once closed and you have the keys you are ready to move into your new home.

   I know what you are thinking, he's full of it or there is a catch to it.  Well I put 27 families in homes last year and they probably thought the same thing. The only difference is, they took a chance and made the call to me. Why don't you take that same chance, after all you have nothing to lose except time. There is no cost and no obligation for talking with you and I promise I won't call and call and aggravate you to death.


                                                                   Thank You

                                                                  Rusty Foley

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